Let ISOtech Take Your Website To The Next Level.

Automotive website platforms are built to function for thousands of automotive retailers.  Considering the amount of technology, inventory, and other 3rd-party integrations, the scale provided by automotive website vendors offers an affordable solution for the vast majority of dealerships.  Driven Media Group developed ISOTech to enhance the ‘out of the box’ solutions provided by the industry’s major website platforms.  

ISOTech is proprietary code that indexes your make/model search results pages (SRPs) with Google.  Many website vendors attempt to index a dealer’s inventory pages (VDPs). However, VDPs are not meant to be on the website for a long period of time.  They are meant to come and go as vehicles are wholesaled and retailed. Website vendors should properly index new and pre-owned.  Reality is, they don’t. The major website vendors in automotive do not properly communicate to Google the prioritization of pages that Google should crawl when they index your site.  ISOTech was built to solve these deficiencies and many more.

Check out this video to see ISOtech in action!

If you’d like to learn more about ISOTech, reach out to our Vice President of Client Development, Jim Daly.  Jim can be reached via jdaly@drivenmediagroup.com or 484-221-2144.

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