Driven Media Group was recently introduced to CarOffer through a mutual client. When we find a service or product that we feel is beneficial for our clients, we have a sense of obligation to present it as an opportunity…especially when there are limited financial costs at play.

CarOffer connects vehicle buyers to sellers, without costly monthly subscriptions or commitments. By signing up with CarOffer, dealers are automatically connected to wholesale buyers, rental car companies, and dealers across the nation who have vehicle orders waiting to be filled and inventory waiting to be sold. When a dealer signs up for CarOffer, they’ll automatically receive buy bids on all of their inventory and when appraising vehicles, they’ll receive buy bids within 8 seconds of entering vehicle information.

As a buyer, you can set up a matrix, letting CarOffer’s platform know exactly what you’re looking for. When that order is filled, you’ll be notified of the new purchase, then CarOffer does the rest, including setting up an inspection, transportation and they’ll even handle arbitration, if necessary. Dealers are guaranteed to receive a vehicle that is within $800 of being “front line ready”. You’ll pay a flat fee for the purchase, which is considerably less than typical auction/transport fees.  

As a seller, you have thousands of buyers waiting to purchase your vehicles. CarOffer’s platform matches your vehicle with a buyer and generates an offer within 8 seconds. If you want to take your chances retailing a vehicle, they’ll give you an opportunity to lock in a 45 day guaranteed offer. Many dealers have found success selling vehicles to rental car companies on CarOffer, considering they’re currently unable to get the new cars needed to sustain their business models. Most of these offers are considerably higher than MMR. CarOffer is the key to mitigating wholesale loss, as well as the headache that comes along with repping vehicles at the auction or working directly with wholesalers.

The days of staring at the computer screen watching auction lanes are over.  The scalability of matrix/algorithmic technology has allowed CarOffer (a subsidiary of CarGurus) to flourish. Technologies such as CarOffer are dependent on adoption and stout volumes of inventory. Their success in this area is apparent, as they’ve just signed their 10,000th dealer. There is no risk to sign up with CarOffer’s platform. Dealer demos take approximately 15-20 minutes and the implementation is complete within a week. Unlike any platform, you get out of it what you put into it. CarOffer is the future of automotive wholesale, especially for dealers who greatly value their time and energy.

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Driven Media Group was recently introduced to CarOffer through a mutual client. When we find

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