Helpful Information For Your Business

As the situation in our country and industry remains fluid, we wanted to take a few minutes to inform our clients and friends about a few helpful topics, as well as the state of our business.

First and foremost, Driven Media Group is here for our clients around the clock.  Our entire team is working from home and ready to support you. We’ve all made financial and lifestyle sacrifices during this crisis and our team is no different.  We cannot thank our staff enough for making proactive financial sacrifices in order to allow our entire team to stay on board with Driven Media Group in order to serve our clients

Helpful Information for Your Business

-Google has announced $340 million in advertising credits to small and medium-sized businesses.  These ad credits will appear in Google Ad Accounts over the next several months. Driven Media Group does not ‘own’ our clients Ad Accounts, which means these credits will be readily available to you, the advertiser.  More info here 

-Facebook is launching a $100 million initiative to offer advertising credits and cash grants to 30,000 small businesses.  More info here

-The recently passed CARES Act and specifically the Payroll Protection Program should provide relief for many businesses.  Please consult your accountant and/or business advisors for specific details. The Small Business Investor Alliance has provided a summary accessible here.

-Our friends at PureCars recently released a report of data-driven insights that touch on budgets, ad platforms, and strategies.  Even though they are a competitor of ours in certain areas, we felt it was valuable information that could benefit our clients. Their report is based on data from clients across the country.  There are many variables in play, especially state by state restrictions and stay-at-home mandates. Our Account Director team has been making similar recommendations to our clients. Their report can be accessed here.

As always, stay safe and keep in touch with your Driven Media Group Account Director so we can support you as best we can.  

Justin Simon – Managing Partner, Driven Media Group
Jared Leibowitz – Partner, Driven Media Group

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