Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search done right.

The most recognizable form of advertising on the internet. We help you stand out from the crowd. Our experience, daily oversight, and efficiency will help take your search engine marketing to the next level.

Paid Search continues to show results. This not only includes the sponsored ads you see at the top of a Google or Bing Search results page but also incorporates the suite of products that form the Google Ads platform (formerly AdWords). Our paid search strategy is customized for every client based on your geographic location, budget, competition, and revenue goals. You also receive the added bonus of having a real person, well-versed in our SEM practices, accessing your account every day and making sure it’s working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Coupled with our real-time customer-facing reporting dashboard, you’ll never question what is driving your results.

Our Strategy

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    Keyword Analysis

    Starting with your prior AdWords and Analytics data, we use what we know works and cut out the waste.

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    Strategy Overhaul

    After analyzing prior reports, we develop a full omni-channel strategy to engage with these shoppers across all of Google’s major platforms.

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    Media Buying

    When the strategy has been formulated, we start placing bids to effectively showcase your brand, while ensuring we receive the highest ROI for your budget.

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    Campaign Analysis

    At the end of each campaign month, we analyze the results, make tweaks and adjustments, and release new media.

Stop searching for a marketing strategy.