Hyperlocal Display & Video

Google and Facebook are certainly the two digital media behemoths. But what about the rest of the internet? Our clients leverage Driven Media Group’s agency software to execute endless strategies that might not fit the mold for Google or Facebook.


Geofencing allows you to build virtual perimeters around strategic events, facilities, and competitors. The geofence captures the devices that breach the perimeter, allowing custom omnichannel display and video campaigns to be delivered to those devices for a significant period of time. Conversion zones allow the Driven Media Group team to monitor foot traffic generated to your dealership.

Addressable Fencing

A perfect complement to direct mail, addressable fencing allows you to serve omnichannel advertising to customers based on their home address. From your database of loyal customers, our software builds virtual perimeters around homes and parcels. Then it captures the IDs of devices within the perimeter and continues to serve them with display and video campaigns that align to your revenue goals.

How does Addressable Ad Delivery work?

How does Addressable Ad Delivery work?

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    Driven Media Group uploads your database to our agency software.

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    Our software builds virtual perimeters around the homes within the database.

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    All devices within those households are captured, including phones, laptops, tablets, & connected TVs.

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    Driven Media Group delivers custom display and/or video ads to the captured devices.

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    Driven Media Group measures foot traffic to your dealership from those exposed to our advertising.

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