A low-cost, turn-key product that converts an Offline Customer to your Online Customer.

Let DrivenQR help you sell more vehicles 24/7.

If you have received direct mail, watched television, or even shopped at a local retail store, you have probably seen a QR Code. QR stands for Quick Response and is a technology that allows customers to simply scan a barcode and receive information.

Our DrivenQR subscription is making it easier than ever for customers to shop 24/7.

Why choose DrivenQR?

Approximately 30% of your customers are visiting your lot during “off hours”. With DrivenQR mobile technology, customers are able to shop at their own pace and get all the information they need to make an informed buying decision — reviews, model comparisons, special offers, and even utilize your digital retailing tool right from their phone!

DrivenQR is your low-cost, turn-key product that converts an Offline customer to your Online Customer.

Keep your dealership virtually open 24/7 while tracking all of the details

Our DrivenQR subscription utilizes the World’s Best QR Code Technology for Engaging, Capturing, and Tracking Customers. Customers can now shop the lot and get all the information they need about the vehicles at your dealership by having it open virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can use their smart phone to scan the QR code on each vehicle and get all the information they need to make the best buying decision right from the Vehicle’s Detail Page (VDP) on your website!— There the customer will be able to view the CarFax or Autocheck report, similar vehicles, special offers or win promotions, automobile videos, Kelley Blue Book values, pre-qualify and receive a firm offer of credit, instantly connect through click-to-call, and even utilize your digital retailing tool right from their phone using DrivenQR mobile technology!

How it works

DrivenQR’s process for customers to use our technology is easy. The customer simply opens their camera on their mobile phone, scans the QR Code and is taken to that specific vehicle detail page (on your website) whether your dealership is open or closed. It’s that easy!

QR code directs customer to that vehicle’s VDP

QR code contains UTM codes for the dealership to track vehicle scans in Google Analytics

DrivenQR converts your offline customer to an online shopper

DrivenQR provides the opportunity to capture customer lead data

and much more…

A low-cost, turn-key product that converts an Offline Customer to your Online Customer.


The DrivenQR monthly subscription fee is only $197/month per dealership rooftop with a one-time $53 start-up fee that covers the cost of your labels to get you started!

What You Will Receive:

• 4”x6″ Addendum Labels (1,000 labels) shipped to your dealership to get you started! (There will be four labels on 8.5″x11″ sheets that can printed with your office printer)

• QR Code Labels emailed to you with all of your current inventory

• Custom Labels includes your Dealership Logo!

• Customizable call-to-action on label

• Recurring email(s) of QR Code labels whenever inventory is added to your website (does not include in-transit vehicles)

• Tracking URLs included on every QR code so you can view in your Google Analytics the traffic that’s visiting and scanning your inventory!

• Contact info@drivenmediagroup.com for reduced Dealership Group rates

• No Contracts!


What happens after I submit my order?

First, you will receive an email from our team confirming your order and a form to for you to fill in with the info we need. (i.e. dealership address, website url, etc…) After we receive the completed form, our team will place your blank labels in the mail to your dealership. Once you receive the labels, simply place them in your desired inkjet or laser printer, open your email you received with all of your vehicles, and click print!

Does the monthly DrivenQR cost include all my inventory?

Yes. DrivenQR allows you to choose both new and used, just new, or just used for one monthly cost of only $197/month.

What if I need to order more labels?

We will provide you links where you may purchase them or purchase them directly from us at a discounted rate!

Do the labels go on the outside or inside of the window?

The DrivenQR labels that we provide are just like the addendum labels you currently use on the vehicles. They are placed on the inside of the window.

What happens when I get new inventory in stock?

Once a new vehicle or vehicles are posted on your website, our technology detects the new inventory on your website and will email you the new label(s) the following morning. Then you click on on the link in the email, click print and that’s it, your new inventory now has a label(s).

What if I need to reprint a label?

No worries, we have you covered! We will provide you an online website dashboard where you can type in the VIN of the vehicle to produce a new label.

When should the DrivenQR label be placed on the vehicle?

We recommend adding DrivenQR to the car prep section of the process. After the vehicle is photoed the DrivenQR label should be applied.

What is a use/case scenario a dealer has used?

It all depends on your process. We had one dealership frustrated with the hanging mirror tags pricing not matching the online price, they totally eliminated the tags and have the customer scan DrivenQR for pricing!

Does the QR code label track which inventory has been scanned?

Yes! Each QR Code has UTM codes (tracking URLs) embedded in it so you can easily view when your vehicles were scanned and how many scans your inventory has received, all in Google Analytics!

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