We got the skills to pay the bills.
Complacency is not in our vocabulary. The team at DMG is constantly evolving their strategies and service offerings to keep our clients ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for a pack leader to position your brand ahead of the competition, look no further.
here’s what
we’re good at.
here’s what
we’re good at.
Gone are the days of putting out a low payment lease offer and relying on the OEM nameplate to drive your business. DMG’s team works with you, hand-in-hand, to bring your unique story to life so your customers know who they’re choosing to do business with.
Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Streaming TV, Streaming Radio, and whatever else comes next! If it is placed on a screen we handle everything behind the scenes!

There’s more to advertising than just paid media. Our tech stack and non-paid media service offerings are proven to yield high without the pay to play mentality. 

Stuck using an OEM approved provider but want a second set of eyes to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck?. DMG is here to work directly with your team as a neutral consultant. We’ll make sure you’re properly covered across the digital landscape with minimal waste in your ad spend.
Creative & Brand Building
Creative & Brand Building
Do you have a unique story but don’t know how to tell it? Our creative team works with you step-by-step to learn the core of who you are and how to showcase that story to your audience.
Do you have your brand identity figured out but don’t know where to begin with telling your story? Our team works hand in hand with you to set guidelines and create a process for how to take your brand identity to your market.
Stand apart from the competition with high quality video content – TV production, website videos, staff profiles, monthly incentive-based videos & more, our dedicated video production team is ready to create creative that drives results.
Need a hand with logos, dashboard videos, website thumbnail frames, brochures, or even billboards? We’ve got the graphic designers on staff to build the creative you need and format it to work for any sort of online and offline request you have.
Need a team to work with you on making website changes without being placed in a queue first? Our team are experts on the various web provider platforms and know how to turn your website into a true digital showroom.
Digital Media
Digital Media
Full-Funnel Programmatic
Connected TV & streaming audio have overtaken share of voice from cable & terrestrial radio. Partnering with DMG gives you a single point of contact for making sure the correct media is purchased & the content needed to run the spots is created.
Social Media Marketing
Are you leveraging the tools that were built specifically for auto dealers? DMG leverages the power of Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) and fully managed event ads to drive incremental opportunities directly into your showrooms.
Google Product Suite
More commonly referred to as PPC, SEM, or Paid Search, we view advertising on Google as a much more holistic strategy than just text ads. Whether it’s YouTube, GDN, or Gmail ads, DMG believes in taking advantage of the Google Product Suite.
Email Marketing
Driving the highest ROI, the team at DMG has the email marketing strategies built to mine your database for low hanging fruit and cut through the clutter of the inbox.
Technology & Owned media
Technology & Owned media
“I wish there was a single location I could go to in order to pull all of my reports, see all of my creative, and manage my vendor expenses” – every Marketing Director at every Car Dealership. FieldVision has made this dream a reality.
Have you ever contemplated what your Return On Ad Spend generated in terms of sales, repair orders, & gross profit? TrafficGauge gives you the insight you need to make educated decisions on where to spend your ad dollars.
Search Engine Optimization
Tired of seeing the 3rd party listing sites like CarGurus & TrueCar outranking your dealership in Google’s SERP? Driven Media Group’s SEO strategy indexes your inventory within the search engine and drives more organic traffic directly to your website’s vehicle SRPs.
Conversion Rate Optimization
DMG’s Virtual Assistant shows you what customers are looking for & lifts the conversion rates on your website by creating a better user experience. Imagine having a 1% increase in conversions without spending an additional dollar on advertising!
Reputation Management
Social proof in the form of online reviews have become the main source of providing brand reputation credibility. Ask about our case studies showing how an increase in positive reviews have generated a lift in web traffic and conversions.
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
Tired of fighting with Co-op to make sure you’re getting the full amount you deserve? Not sure what services you are signed up for and if they are co-op eligible? DMG’s team knows the ins-and-outs of Co-Op for every OEM brand and is ready to file and manage this for your group.
Worried if your ads meet the compliance standards set forth by the OEM? Every digital asset produced is submitted and approved by compliance before ever hitting the airwaves.
Vendor Vetting & Management
Have a list of vendors that you need to select from but don’t know who to choose? DMG is your outsourced Marketing Agency and is here to assist you with finding the right vendor to pair with your organization.
Market Research
DMG uses a combination of the dealer’s first party data, IHS registration data, and in-depth human intelligence to make sure the message we are broadcasting speaks the same language as your market.
Budget Analysis
Being a full service agency allows DMG to properly analyze and make recommendations to your spend amounts and the channels the media should be placed on without any sort of bias.