Analytics & Attribution

Observing and studying analytics is a major piece of the marketing puzzle. With the copious amount of data we receive, we are able to generate an attribution model of all your third-party providers based on car sales, repair orders, and dollars.

Our FieldVision Platform is a single sign-on portal for “one-person show” marketing departments. By utilizing this platform, you alleviate the need for additional hires and other reports.


Our Proprietary Software heat-maps the location of all inbound phone calls and lead forms. You can quickly refine the data by traffic type and the zip code of where you receive conversions.


Our Custom Reporting allows your staff to dictate how your metrics should be calculated and how reports should be automated. Every dealer is unique, so why should you be confined to the way someone else measures ROI?


Hold providers accountable. With FieldVision, you can easily trace back the customers who bought and serviced their vehicles with you to the sources that got them to convert. Which means you can tell if it was the GDN ad that got them to come buy a new vehicle, or if it was your Facebook advertisement that did the trick. 

More data. No problems.