We’re driven.
A team of snowboarders, pet lovers, gymnasts, sports junkies, movie buffs, musicians, artists, writers, and designers, all with a similar passion. A love for Digital Marketing and the Auto Industry! Every person on staff has a unique story to tell that makes DMG everything that it is. Individually, we are media buyers, consultants, graphic designers, video editors, production specialists, and software engineers. When you put all of that together, you get one badass agency. We are the team at Driven Media Group!
A little bit of history.
  • July 2016

    DriveSocial Online
    DMG started as DriveSocial, a small 3-person organization focused on video production, design, and media buying via social media platforms.

  • July 2017

    Growth & Expansion
    Within a year, DriveSocial expanded into a full-scale ad and creative agency. Our 12 dedicated employees focused on producing original social content and building media-driven solutions for our clients.

  • October 2017

    Driven Media Group: Strategic Rebrand
    With continued expansion, DriveSocial needed a new name and look to capture our expanded services and goals. In October, DMG was born. This new brand gave a better picture of the omni-channel approach we want to provide to our clients.

  • November 2017

    Merger with Field Vision Analytics
    This was a strategic merger to provide our clients with increased capabilities in the areas of analytics, attribution, programming, and media mix optimization.

  • October 2018

    A New Home
    With an expanding team and growing capabilities, DMG moves their offices to Hunt Valley to accommodate a larger operation. (And Cornhole Fridays)

  • Today

    Continued Expansion
    As DMG continues to tap into new market segments, we are taking on new clients and bringing on new talent. Our current team of 32 employees specialize in bringing creative and technical approaches to car dealers and their advertising needs.

We’re all about our people.

Justin Simon

Managing Partner

Jared Leibowitz


Jim Daly


Seana Corsale​​

Director of Client Success

Chuck Stone

Creative Director

Dave Stark

Director of Digital Strategy

Duncan Bossle

Director of Technology

Austin Sauter

Project Manager/Platform Specialist

JD Suter

Account Director

Neal Goldberg

Account Director

Bryan Munshaur

Account Manager

Lauren Drinan

Account Manager

Doug Crowther

Video Production/Editor

Troy Everhardt

Video Production/Editor

Kathy Van

Product Support Lead

Kelsey Sultan

Senior Graphic Designer

Zak Wilson

Graphic Designer

Corey DeVaughn

Product Technical Lead

Cole Yungmann​​

Digital Media Specialist

Rachael Koumentis

Automotive Compliance Manager

Brad Jones

Database Systems Lead

Daniel Mason

Digital Media SPECIALIST

We work hard so our pets have good lives.

Cheesy Gordita "Gordie" Crunch


Hana & Moshi

Chunky Girls™

Luke Skywalker

Manager, Interior Spaces


Cuddle Expert


Chief Stick Control Officer

Macaroni "Mac"

Business Development Doodle


Security Advisor




Head of Security


Pawject Manager


Chief Scratchetist


Director of Naps

Tacoma “Taco”

Director of Snuggles


Furlance Writer


Vice president, Tennis ball


Vice President, Pawblic relations

In Loving Memory


2016 – 2021
Our Chief Good Girl Forever
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