Good news….It doesn’t matter how your pronounce it! In the press, you might hear a lot about data in a negative light. It may seem like every company has recently experienced a data breach or security flaw of some sort. Poor ole ‘data’ is often exemplified in a negative light. More good news… We don’t want you to be afraid of data! As a small-medium sized business owner or anyone in a marketing role, data should be your friend. Simply put, as consumers willingly share their data with other companies & websites, we can identify these consumers based on their habits, shopping interests, trends, age, marital status etc…

Driven Media Group focuses on 3 types of data. The first type is data that belongs to you. This can also be referred to as 1st-party data. Examples could be your customer/client database and your email marketing database. The information contained in these databases can be repurposed for beneficial use. The team at Driven Media Group can identify these customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google etc… We can serve your advertising in different methods to these consumers. These people have either transacted with you in the past, or have provided their information to you in the form of a lead or newsletter sign-up. What if we told you that we can take this data and find more customers who match their similar shopping/buying habits? Well, we can.

The 2nd type of data comes from your web properties such as your website and/or your app. These shoppers/visitors are anonymous, but it doesn’t mean we don’t know what they are looking for. We can target these shoppers with your message and also find other similar customers in the marketplace that resemble your website shoppers. The 3rd type of data comes from outside providers who sell/integrate customer data into digital marketing platforms. Data aggregators such as Experian, Epsillon, IHS, Axciom etc… Utilizing the resources of these providers, Driven Media Group can truly refine your marketing messages and deliver them to the proper end-user. Don’t let data scare you! It’s our friend! Using data allows us to achieve your marketing goals in a prioritized fashion. Why spend money marketing to people who will not transact with you? Data allows us to achieve optimal results for our clients while achieving significant cost-efficiencies.

Feel free to reach out, call, or drop us a line to learn more about how Driven Media Group can make data work for you and your business.