Analytics & Business Intelligence

What is your data telling you?

Our business intelligence software and custom logic connect the dots between your various sets of data, allowing you to gain a greater understanding about your existing customer base.


  • Dive deep into what your web data is telling you in order to better assist with your traditional advertising, cable, and radio buys
  • Connect the dots between the actions occurring on your website and how to place your digital marketing ads
  • Trace back which sources and mediums driving traffic to your website are actually resulting in car sales


  • Dealerships today are bombarded with a variety of reports and numbers. Have a set of metrics showcase metrics that matter to selling cars
  • With the ever changing digital landscape it becomes difficult to figure who is driving a ROI on your marketing dollars. FINALLY, a black and white understanding of who is performing and who isn’t
  • Expenses are up and profits are down. Know where to trim the fat and reinvest your marketing budget to maximize your return!


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Consult with one of our Tag Deployment Specialists to begin recording the actions and conversions that matter to attributing ROI for all of your different sources of traffic.

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In 2011, Google changed their privacy settings to stop revealing a large portion of organic keyword data that was driving traffic to your website. Our enhanced keyword algorithm helps to uncover the organic keywords that are driving customers to your site, taking it down from 99% (not provided) to below 25%.

Video Demos

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Our attribution reporting allows you to see that last referring source that drove every customer who submitted a lead to your website.